Eddie the Ogre A Magical Adventure A story of the magical mishaps of a little ogre, who dreams of being a magician
Meet Eddie | Meet the author

“Not many people like Ogres
but everybody LOVES magic!.”
Eddie - Ogre

Meet EddieThe Adventure Begins

Eddie was an Ogre.
“Not many people like Ogres”, Eddie thought, “but everybody LOVES magic!”

For as long as he could remember, he had dreamed of being a magician.

A Special DayThe Birthday Party

One day, he was playing by the Castle when the trumpets started to sound..

The little Prince was having a birthday party and all of the children across the Kingdom were invited!

He’d never been to a birthday party before, let alone a Prince’s birthday party!.

Will the magic tricks work?The Big Reveal

For his first trick, he took off his hat and placed it carefully on the table.

“Abracadabra, Alakazam!” he exclaimed as he thrust the hat up into the air.

The children gasped

Time for bedBedtime Read-Aloud


“I wonder what else I can do when I put my mind to it?” thought Eddie, proudly.

About the AuthorClaire McPherson

I am a first-time author and illustrator. My debut children’s book ‘Eddie the Ogre’ is a tale of the magical mishaps of a little Ogre, who dreams of being a magician. The book started life as a little drawing project back in early 2015, when the Ogre didn’t have a name and the story was just a jumble of ideas and images. The sketches were put away and forgotten about for years, until my son Eddie found them whilst rooting around in a drawer he shouldn’t have been in! The expression of wonder on his face as he turned each page was the inspiration needed to finally finish the book and illustrate the last few scenes to make it complete.

The intention was never to publish the story, but there was enough interest from friends and parents who had seen the illustrations, that I decided to self-publish. I am extremely happy that I did, because now the story of Eddie’s magical misadventures is being enjoyed by children all around the world!